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Upcoming events

Events we will be attending in the near future. Want to chat? Contact us beforehand or directly there!

  • April 2-3rd 2020, Journées Francophones de Virologie (Paris, France) [Link] (Sebastian)
  • April 21st 2020, Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB) 2020 [Link] (Sebastian)
  • May 20th, Dutch Arbovirus Research Networ (DARN) 2020 [Link] (Sebastian)

Our friends in the Microbial Ecology cluster at GELIFES

Marjon de Vos’ lab investigates the ecology and evolution of polymicrobial (infectious) ecosystems and antibiotic resistance.

Joana Falcão-Salles’ lab explores the causes and the consequences of free-living and host-associated microbial communities using ecological and evolutionary theory.


Sebastian is currently leading a project called Vir(Ev)o, aiming to present, in a series of three videos posted on YouTube, the basics of molecular epidemiology. I have the chance to collaborate with two amazing people: Tania Louis, virologist and science communicator, and Pierre-Baptiste Harrivelle, motion designer and artistic director.